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Pumbaa the Prime PHEV

Vehicle Name Pumbaa the Prime PHEV
Colour White
Description This Toyota Prius runs on electric only for short trips in the city, and switches to petrol hybrid after 50kms. Spacious, high tech and fun to drive!
Capacity 4
Current Pod Lorne St
Current Location This car is located on-street opposite Gloria Jeans coffee house and close to Revive cafe.
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This pod is open 24/7.

Registration Plate LTL848
Fuel type Unleaded 91
Transmission Auto
Is it OK to have pets in this vehicle? No
Additional Vehicle Specific Info How do I start this thing? This car doesn't have any keys and you'll find a push start/stop button beside the steering wheel. To start, press your foot on the brake pedal and push the start/power button.