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Daisy the Yaris

Vehicle Name Daisy the Yaris
Colour Blue
Description This Toyota Yaris is easy to drive, simple to park and great for errands around the city. Features include bluetooth and reversing camera.
Capacity 5
Current Pod Daisy Apartment (Residents Only)
Current Location This car is located in the Daisy Apartment building garage. Your building access card will allow you into the garage and your Cityhop access card will allow access to the car itself during your booking.

Special Rate - both cars from $9.50 per hour and $65.00 per day
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This pod is open 24/7.

Registration Plate HZR864
Fuel type Unleaded 91
Transmission Auto
Is it OK to have pets in this vehicle? No
Additional Vehicle Specific Info This car is parked within an apartment complex so can only be driven by residents of the apartment complex. There is no public access to this car.